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Dutch for Children at Basisschool De Driestam Eindhoven

Monique Basten Founder
3 september 2019
12 november 2019 (All day)
Schoenmakerstraat 2 - Eindhoven   View map


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The better children are able to speak and understand the Dutch language the easier it is for them to function, fit into society. Increasing the Dutch language skill is the mail goal during this course.

Basten Trainingen offers the possibility for children to work on their school-language, Dutch sayings, expressions and increase their vocabulary comprehension.

The children receive personal tips and tricks. This all to improve their spoken and comprehensive skills.

The course is for children who don’t speak the Dutch language at home, or very little. This course is also suitable for children who have been raised bi-lingual or multi-lingual.

During the lessons we work with various methods that are keyed into reducing the language deficiencies in the Dutch language.


Course Information


  • Number of students minimum 6


  • Minimum age 8 year (Group 4)


  • Maximum age   12 year (Group 8)


  • Day and Time   Tuesday 15.00 – 16.00 h





STARTs:                     Enrollment 6 pupils via registration formular at Basisschool De Driestam
TIME:                          15.00 – 16.00 h Directly after school
GROUP:                     MINIMUM 6 pupils
LOCATION:                Basisschool De Driestam – Schoenmakerstraat 2 Eindhoven
COSTS:                      € 150,-  (10 weeks – 1 hour per week)                     

Who is the teacher Monique Basten?


I’m an enthusiastic master certified teacher with more than 19 years of teaching  experience in Dutch as a second language and (special) educational needs.

I use a friendly, child-orientated approach.

I offer tailor-made language training programmes to expats and their families, including children as young as eight.

I train students with special educational needs and refugees.

I offer teaching on the job aswell.

I work as a school counsellor at Summa College and as a language trainer at the Technical University Eindhoven and Fontys University of applied sience.

As a remedial teacher/special needs teacher I help children to improve their Dutch language and study skills.

Since 2001 I’m the founder of Basten Trainingen and I’m an member of Blik of Werk. Which means teach courses for the state exam I and II and the civil exam (inburgeringsexamen)

I am a mother of son (2005) and with my family I live in Eindhoven.


Basten Trainingen (can) offer(s):

-Tailor-made programmes for individual kids

-Tutoring and practicing Dutch in a playful way.

Focus vocabulary, reading and speaking. High-quality language courses.

-Lessons are being held at school during or right after classroom hours.

-Teaching sessions are usually limited 1 hour. In order not to overstretch the attention span of the children.

-As an extra service , I keep in contact with the school and your child’s teacher. I can optimally monitor progress specific areas of attention. If needed I can be an intermediair, providing support in your contact with the teachers/ staff.